Upcoming Vaccine Clinics

Polio vaccine

Please wait for this invite rather than calling the surgery.

  • If your child is due, or overdue, their immunisations, please phone the practice to book an appointment as soon as possible.
  • If your child’s immunisations are up to date and they are under 10 years old, we will be inviting them for a Polio booster.


Covid vaccine

We will send you an invitation if you are eligible.

  • We will be opening these clinics from mid-September until end of December 2022.
  • They will likely be on Wednesday afternoons, Fridays and Saturdays. 
  • Clinics will be held at Brocklebank Practice for patients across our PCN (Brocklebank Practice, St Paul’s Cottage Surgery and The Haider Practice).


Flu Vaccine

Please wait to be invited rather than calling the surgery.

  • Flu clinics will run alongside our Covid clinics on Saturdays, starting mid-September.
  • You can have your flu jab and Covid booster at the same time.
  • These clinics will be held at Brocklebank Practice for patients across our PCN
  • More flu clinics will also run on some ad hoc week days. 

Child flu clinics will run separately and your child will be invited.

We will send all invites by text message.

  • Please look out for a message from your practice.
  • It’s important we have the correct contact details for you, so if your number has changed, please let us know.

Avoid queuing on the phone

Covid / Flu vaccine direct line

  • To avoid queuing on the main phone line, please call 020 3818 8270 and choose option 2, or dial extension 7426 for any Covid or Flu vaccine queries.
  • You can leave a message and our administrator will get back to you.

Published: Aug 18, 2022